What You Need to Know When Building an eCommerce Website

What You Need to Know When Building an eCommerce Website

If you’re looking to take your business online, there are a handful of important things to know about building your eCommerce site. Online shops tend to have much more complicated requirements and setup processes than standard websites. 

The good news is that learning how to build an eCommerce website on WordPress.com is simple and straightforward. Once you know which aspects to focus on, you’ll have no problem getting your store up and running. 

In this post, we’ll briefly talk about how to build an eCommerce website. Then, we’ll provide you with five essential tips to help you get started. 

How to Build an eCommerce Website

In this post, we’ll cover some of the most critical factors to keep in mind when creating your eCommerce website design. However, to make the process as smooth as possible, it’s important to have your foundation set.

There are a few things you’ll need to do when building your eCommerce site. This includes:

  • Getting a domain name
  • Purchasing web hosting
  • Choosing a Content Management System (CMS)

You can usually get a domain name and hosting plan for an affordable price. However, if you’re building a complex website and you expect to get a lot of traffic, you’ll want to avoid opting for free or very basic plans, as this can hurt the performance of your store. 

There are many hosting providers that offer plans specifically for eCommerce sites. You’ll also want to select a CMS or website builder that can help you design and launch your site with as little effort as possible. 

If you’re a first-time site owner, we recommend using WordPress.com. The platform offers seamless integration with WooCommerce, which is one of the most popular, reliable, and user-friendly eCommerce plugins available. 

If you prefer to get help to set up your eCommerce store, you can send a message to Built By WordPress.com, our website-building service, and we will help you to design and build your website the way you want it to be. 

If you need help building your eCommerce site, Built By WordPress.com can help. We can streamline and simplify the entire process for you! Check out our website to learn more. 

5 Things to Know When Building an eCommerce Site

Once you’ve registered your domain and purchased a hosting plan, it’s time to start working on your eCommerce website design. Below are five things to keep in mind while designing your site. 

1. Your Product Images and Descriptions Are of Utmost Importance

Your products are the center of your eCommerce site. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you display high-quality images of your items. 

However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a professional product photographer. Instead, you can follow some photography best practices to ensure that your images come out well. 

It’s also essential to include important product details such as dimensions, materials, details, and warranty information. This will enable customers to make informed purchasing decisions. It can also help increase sales and avoid complaints or product returns. Do also make sure that the product descriptions are unique for each item. It can be confused for your customers as well as search engines if several similar items for the same product description.

It’s also a good idea to include key selling points and reviews from other customers. This can help add legitimacy to your products and provide social proof. 

2. Customers Want Clear Return and Exchange Policies

No eCommerce site owner wants to deal with a high volume of returns or exchanges. However, offering compensation is an important part of customer satisfaction

Your return policy can influence whether or not consumers decide to purchase something from your store. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure that it’s clear and easily accessible to website visitors:

Providing this information upfront can help minimize the chances of confusion. It can also reduce the amount of time you’ll have to dedicate to fielding customer service calls and inquiries. 

Additionally, being straightforward and transparent about your policies can help increase customer trust. Failing to provide information about returns and refunds can make customers a little wary. They might think that you’re not a legitimate company, and might therefore do their shopping elsewhere. 

Therefore, we recommend creating a dedicated page for your returns and refunds policies on your eCommerce site. You can then provide a link to it in the navigation menu, footer, and follow-up emails. This way, it will be more easily accessible to your customers. 

3. Free Shipping Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

When you’re running a business, one of your main priorities is to keep profit margins high and operational costs low. However, one area you may not want to skimp on is shipping rates.

Thanks to eCommerce giants like Amazon, customers have grown to expect fast and cheap deliveries. Your shipping fees can make the difference between consumers deciding to purchase from you or a competitor with lower rates.

If you can’t offer free shipping on all products, you could offer it on minimum order amounts instead. This can be an effective incentive for customers to increase their orders and, in turn, it can help you increase your revenue.

4. Provide an Easy Way for Customers to Contact You

Providing excellent customer service is vital to the success of your business. Therefore, when building your eCommerce site, you’ll want to make it easy for customers to contact you if they have questions about a particular product or want to place an order by phone or email:

If you don’t want to provide a phone number, you’ll want to ensure that users can reach out to you via email or a contact form. You might also want to add your contact details on the product page and include them in your post-purchase emails. 

5. It’s Smart to Offer Multiple Payment Gateway Options

The checkout process of eCommerce sites is pivotal. Lengthy and complicated checkouts can irritate shoppers and lead to a high cart abandonment rate. 

Another thing that can drive customers away is a lack of payment options. Therefore, we recommend that you give users a selection of payment methods. There are plenty of reliable providers that you can use, including PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net.

Giving your customers multiple payment options can demonstrate that you care about their convenience and safety. It can also increase the likelihood that they’ll complete their orders.

This is another reason we recommend using WordPress for building your eCommerce site. The CMS offers seamless integration with some of the world’s most popular payment gateways. 

Let’s Start Building Your eCommerce

With so many consumers turning to the internet for the products and services they need, now is an ideal time for companies to digitize their businesses. To get started, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and web hosting, and choose a powerful CMS for your website, such as WordPress. 

To recap, here are a few things to keep in mind when working on your eCommerce website design:

  1. Your product images and descriptions are of utmost importance.
  2. Customers want clear return and exchange policies.
  3. Free shipping can give you a competitive advantage.
  4. Provide an easy way for customers to contact you.
  5. It’s smart to offer multiple payment options.

Do you need help building your e-commerce site? At Built By WordPress.com, we can streamline and simplify the entire process for you! Check out our website to learn more.