A Complete Guide to Redesigning Your Website

How to Approach Your Website Redesign

The thought of overhauling your entire site can seem daunting. Maybe you’re a solo entrepreneur, or your site needs a serious refresh. Ignoring the problem may seem easier than confronting it. Unfortunately, an outdated, underperforming website won’t drive conversions and may even damage your reputation.

Trends change over time, and web design is no different. If your site is starting to look behind the times, it may be time for a redesign. Fortunately, the process doesn’t have to be challenging. 

In this post, we’ll explore the various factors to consider when approaching a website redesign. We’ll then share advice for a friction-free revamp. Let’s get started! 

An Introduction to Website Redesign (and Why Your Site May Benefit From a Makeover)

A redesign is where you make significant modifications to your website. Unlike a site refresh, a redesign typically involves far-reaching changes. These may include everything from updating your content to changing your website’s structure, or a complete visual overhaul like a new color scheme.

With a redesign, you’ll typically change both your site’s visual appearance and its underlying code. For example, you might roll out new branding while also restructuring your site’s navigation.

An effective redesign can improve the quality of the visitor experience. This can boost your conversion rates and your revenue. 

Since visitors have a positive experience with your site, they’re more likely to remain on your website longer. This increased time on page can improve key metrics used by search engines to rank your content, including your bounce rate and average session duration. In this way, an effective website redesign can improve your position in the search results.

Since a redesign impacts your site’s code, it may also affect its speed and performance. For this reason, you may also want to consider a redesign if your website is currently underperforming. 

If you’re unsure about your site speed, you can put it to the test using a tool such as GTmetrix:

How to Approach Your Website Redesign

Furthermore, you might consider redesigning your site if the User Interface (UI) appears outdated, stale, or no longer reflects your company branding.

If a monitoring tool such as Google Analytics reveals unusually high bounce rates, this is another indication that your site’s design isn’t making the best first impression:

We also recommend a site redesign if your web design, development, or maintenance tools are no longer the best fit for your project. Your website’s needs can evolve, which may make your original systems obsolete. 

If you need help evaluating your site or want to talk about a redesign, our team is happy to help! Simply let us know a bit about your project, and we’ll be in touch. 

Why You May Want to Redesign Your Site With WordPress.com

Powering over 42 percent of the web, WordPress is a hugely popular Content Management System (CMS). If you’re planning a redesign, you may want to consider migrating to WordPress.com as part of your website overhaul.

WordPress.com gives you the flexibility to modify your site’s functionality. It also includes a user-friendly dashboard and dedicated support if you run into any issues. 

You can easily extend WordPress core using plugins. With thousands of add-ons available, you have lots of options: 

How to Approach Your Website Redesign

You can also change your site’s look and feel at any point by installing a theme. You’ll find hundreds of choices for all kinds of websites:

How to Approach Your Website Redesign

Furthermore, an effective redesign can make your site easier to find in the search results. As a fast, search engine-friendly platform, WordPress.com can amplify these benefits. 

Some plugins, such as Yoast SEO, can even explicitly improve your position in the search engine result pages. Most users never scroll past the first page of Google’s search results. Therefore, you’ll likely want to do everything in your power to climb those rankings. 

You can use Yoast SEO to specify the keyword you want to rank for. The plugin will then evaluate your content and provide actionable suggestions on how to target this word or phrase: 

How to Approach Your Website Redesign

To ensure your site provides the best possible user experience, you may also want to install performance-focused WordPress plugins. 

Jetpack Boost promises to help improve your search engine performance with a single click. In particular, the plugin promises to increase your Core Web Vitals score. This is a new set of performance criteria used by Google to rank sites in its search results. By improving your Core Web Vitals score using tools such as Jetpack Boost, you can boost your rankings and traffic. 

How to Prepare for a Website Redesign

When preparing for a site overhaul, we recommend taking stock of your current design. You can then identify any problem areas. These may be anything from a shopping cart that’s frequently abandoned to a slow-loading video gallery.

When analyzing your site, it may help to study its traffic and behavioral patterns using a tool such as Google Analytics. This platform can help you pinpoint any underperforming pages. 

For example, if a page is experiencing a higher-than-average bounce rate, you may want to take a closer look at it.

You don’t necessarily have to change every part of your website. There may be some elements that already deliver the desired results. It’s essential to identify these features so that you can ensure they survive the website redesign process. 

Once you’ve identified your problem pages, it may help to use a visual reporting tool such as Aurora Heatmap, which can provide a deeper insight into the issues within that individual webpage.

During this phase, it’s important to identify your goals. This process enables you to focus on achieving specific results with your redesign. For example, if you want to improve your email conversions, you may want to focus on redesigning your site’s signup forms.

When revamping your website, it’s also wise to keep your target audience firmly in mind. Before you start planning your redesign, consider creating a buyer persona — a fictional character who represents your ideal customer. 

After performing this research, you can consolidate all of the information into a wish list. This can be an invaluable resource if you choose to partner with a third party, such as a designer or developer. 

How to Redesign Your WordPress Website

If redesigning your website feels like a huge task, you may benefit from some specialist help. That might involve partnering with a designer who can create an entirely new look for your website, or working with a developer who can implement the proposed changes. 

Working with multiple third parties will inevitably add more costs and complexities to your website redesign. For this reason, we recommend finding a partner who can manage the entire project, from creating the initial design to updating your website.

At Built By WordPress.com, our expert team can turn your ideas into a design for a world-class and mobile-friendly site suited to your needs. We can then bring this vision to life while also optimizing your content for SEO and performance:

How to Approach Your Website Redesign

If you’re looking to migrate to the WordPress.com platform, our team can even transfer all your content for you. Regardless of your current platform, we can guarantee a friction-free transition to the WordPress CMS, with minimal impact on SEO and no interruptions to your existing users. 

To find out how our team of WordPress specialists can help you, simply tell us more about your site by filling out this short form. We’ll then evaluate your needs and contact you with personalized recommendations and website redesign costs. 

Redesign Your Website Today

It’s always better to confront a problem head-on rather than ignoring it and hoping that it goes away. An outdated, sluggish, or underperforming website is no exception. 

If your site desperately needs a redesign, Built By WordPress.com can bring it into line with the latest trends. Once your website is back at the cutting edge, you should see an increase in your search engine rankings, conversions, site speed, and everything in between. 

Got questions about how to ace your next website redesign? Our team of design and development experts is on-hand to offer their expert advice!

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